Bhubaneswar : Odisha government has decided to extend vocational education course in 106 more high schools from the coming academic session. Earlier the courses have been offered in 208 schools across the state. This year two new courses on health care and beauty and wellness will be introduced, sources said.


“The state government had sought permission from the Centre to extend vocational courses in other schools. After getting the approval, healthcare and beauty and wellness will be introduced in 106 additional schools from the coming academic session. With these schools we cover one school in each block of the state,” said a senior officer in Rashtriya Madhyamik Sikshya Abhiyan (RMSA).


Vocational course in secondary schools of the state was introduced in 2016 with four subjects including IT and ITES, retail, travel and tourism and banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) to students of class IX. In each school, 35 students can choose any one of the four subjects as their third language. Each subject will have 200 hours of course including 120 hours of practical and 80 hours of theory.


The practical examination will be conducted by sector skill councils and the theory exam will be conducted by the Board of Secondary examination from 2018. The students will appear the board examination with vocational subject first time this year.


“The intention of the programme is good but whether it has been implemented properly will be known from the coming board exam results where students of vocational courses will appear for the first time. Recently some schools had alleged delay in publication of textbooks for these subjects. Besides, the course will be completed in class XII but the merger of high school and plus-II in the state is yet to happen,” said Ramkrushna Panda, a retired high school teacher.


Source: SkillReporter